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  Part I. Services to be Provided:
Safe Journey House (SJH) is a therapeutic residential treatment facility which is staffed with trained and licensed mental health professionals, who are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You will also have access to a psychiatrist 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. SJH is a short term program, where the major goal is to resolve your immediate crisis and prevent future crises from occurring. SJH is located at 4607 69th Avenue Hyattsville, MD and 6910 Annapolis Road Hyattsville, MD.
  Part II. Levels of Service:
There are two different levels of service: inpatient admission prevention and inpatient admission alternative. Inpatient admission prevention is designed for consumers that are at risk for an inpatient hospitalization. Inpatient admission alternative is designed for consumers that present a danger to themselves or others, and without SJH, would not be discharged from the hospital. Crisis Counselors, licensed mental health professionals and a psychiatrist will be accessible to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Part III. Service Design and Crisis Prevention Plan
Once your hospital stay has been either avoided or shortened, SJH will assist you with:

  • Resolving your current crisis

  • Helping to identify what started the crisis

  • Getting back to your life before the crisis

  • Decreasing the chances of another crisis happening
We will help you and members of your natural support system to notice and take action before a crisis happens and assist you with fixing the situation that led to the crisis.
One tool to assist in this crisis resolution and prevention process is to develop a Crisis Prevention Plan (CPP). This will be completed with you within the first 72 hours of admission to the program. The CPP is meant to help consumers (you), their support persons, and providers prepare for times when life seems too hard to manage. The CPP is designed to support conversations about what would help when additional support or action is needed.

The list of “Ideas to Help Spark Your Thinking” that is included with this Plan is meant only to start a conversation, and to encourage you to be creative and decide what is important to you. We don’t want you to just “choose one or two and fill in the blank.” Use your own ideas and make this Plan truly fit you so that it can be useful. You will be given a copy of this CPP at discharge. We encourage you to keep this CPP nearby and on hand in the future.

You will also be provided with counseling, training, and support for crisis prevention, identification, and intervention. We can also link you with services and supports within your community; such as: financial, educational, social, medical and mental health. Through receiving these services, we can assist you with returning to your previous living situation or assist you with locating a different living situation.


The Consumer’s Stay….

The process starts with a comprehensive assessment of psychiatric, medical, and social needs. Consumers will work with a crisis counselor to re-establish community support systems, including family and friends, counseling, and health care services and employment. A treatment discharge and Crisis Prevention Plan will be developed by the consumer with assistance from the Safe Journey House team. A psychiatrist will monitor medications, if appropriate. The consumer may attend day programs and outpatient visits, if appropriate.

About Our Services:
The purpose of Safe Journey House is to serve as an alternative to hospitalization of individuals experiencing psychiatric crisis or to shorten the length of inpatient stays when appropriate.    
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