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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Are there rules to the program?
A: Yes, the rules consist of the following:
Consumer must actively participate in the Safe Journey House program and in the development of his/her treatment, discharge and relapse prevention plan. 
Q: What are the visiting hours?
A: 9 AM through 8 PM Monday - Sunday
Q: Are Meals Provided?
A: Yes, three meals per day are included in the program.
Q: What is the estimated length of stay at Safe Journey House?
A: Each stay is individualized, however the average length of stay is ten days.
Q: How is a consumer stay paid for?
A: Through Medicaid, Medicare, or the un-insured.
Q: Are consumers able to be reached during his/her stay at Safe Journey House?
A. Yes. Consumers have access to a phone line at both households.

Q: How will medications be provided?
A. Medications must be provided by the consumer or caregiver and self-administered under the supervision of Safe Journey House staff.

Download Application Form:
Please click on the link above to download the eligibility application PDF. The application can be faxed to 301-925-4328.

Apply on-line:
You may fill out the eligibility application on-line by clicking on the link above. Please use the Account Name of "eligibility" and leave the password field blank.

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